Steidle Art

Strategic Plan Goals

We have outlined five major goals comprised of incremental goals that we strive to fulfill during the five-year timeline. The work required, parties responsible, resources required, timeframes proposed, and evaluation criteria related to fulfilling these goals are detailed in the accompanying document (Appendix A). While the objectives of these goals are fixed, the methods and conditions to attain them may transition over time.

The goals of this strategic plan are aligned with the goals outlined in the college’s 2015-2019 strategic plan, "A Blueprint for Sustained Excellence in the Earth, Energy, and Material Sciences and Engineering.” The goals of the EMS strategic plan are aligned with the Penn State's overall leadership plans.

Goals, Alignment, and Priorities

EMS Museum Goal I: To preserve and conserve the EMS Museum & Art Gallery's diverse collections using sustainable concepts, methods, and materials when feasible

Alignment with College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' strategic plan (Goal 1: Build on the college's reputation for scientific leadership in the earth, energy and materials sciences and engineering and and EMS Goal 6: Incorporate sustainability thinking into all aspects of EMS)

  • Ia - Revise and update the EMS Museum & Art Gallery's core documents for accreditation
  • Ib - Meet objectives, other than core documents for accreditation as stipulated by the AAM (American Alliance of Museums)
  • Ic - Apply to the AAM for accreditation
  • Id - Upgrade rock and mineral collection storage facilities with controlled environmental conditions as well as acquire new storage furniture (e.g., cabinetry and shelves)
  • Ie - Upgrade methods and environments of exhibition (acquire new exhibit cases for "Science Gallery") to ensure collections preservation and safety (e.g., cabinets, lighting, security, environmental monitors, etc.)
  • If - Continue research, evaluation and restoration of the art collection
  • Ig - Organize and inventory mining lamp collection with the ultimate goal of publishing a catalogue

EMS Museum Goal II: To inform students, faculty, staff, and the general public about the scientific process featuring scientific research conducted in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences through changing exhibits and programs that are current, informative, exciting and illustrating sustainable practices and principles

Alignment with College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' strategic plan (EMS Goal 2: Provide seamless access for all EMS students to an EMS education that is driven by learner needs, regardless of location or situation - become One College, Geographically Distributed and EMS College Goal 6: Incorporate sustainability thinking into all aspects of EMS)

  • IIa - Develop a long-range exhibits plan that incorporates diversity within EMS and application of the scientific method with exhibits that are current, informative and exciting and that are changed on a regular basis to ensure novelty in the museum

Exhibits Plan 2018-2023

  • January 2018
    Maps: Risks, Resources, & Relief with the EMS Library
  • September 2018
    Women in Science & Art with Bearded Ladies (traveling exhibit)
  • September 2019
    Sustainability at PSU
  • September 2020
    Natural Hazards
  • September 2021
    Water: Essential for Life
  • September 2022
    Climate Change & Native Cultures
  • September 2023
    Heinz Foundation Exhibit of Steidle Industrial Art (Traveling Exhibit developed by EMS Museum & Art Gallery)

EMS Museum Goal III: To encourage ALL students to consider science and engineering as career choices, especially in the EMS disciplines, and to recruit a diverse and varied student body for the college

Alignment with College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' strategic plan(Goal 3: Invest in recruiting and retaining talented diverse students into EMS graduate programs and facilitate their career development)

  • IIIa - Develop an improved web presence highlighting current information about the collections, exhibits and educational programming
  • IIIb - Involve a wide diversity of students in design and preparation of exhibits and museum programs

EMS Museum Goal IV: To foster lifelong interest in science and art, emphasizing their interconnection

  • IVa - Conduct hands-on science workshops and collaborate with other educational organizations on campus and throughout the Commonwealth
  • IVb - Work with the news media and utilize emerging communication technologies to inform the public about opportunities at the EMS Museum & Art Gallery

EMS Museum Goal V: Ensure financial security for the EMS Museum & Art Gallery

Alignment with College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' strategic plan (Goal 4: Continue to develop alternative revenue streams that help sustain the college's excellence, especially in the area of philanthropic fundraising)

  • Va - Partner with college’s Development Office to establish a strong Friends of the Musuem program
  • Vb - Develop an annual fundraising strategy
  • Vc - Continue to develop endowments to support mineral and rock collections care